Thursday, October 18, 2012

Solar Shades and Furniture

I thought long and hard about what to cover our windows with because I didn't want to cover up the view but needed to do something since we had to wear sunglasses in the living room in the late afternoon and evenings! I finally settled on solar shades. They're the perfect solution for our situation. We can see the view through them but put away the sunglasses! The first picture is looking out to the west and the second is facing northwest. We put them in every room on the main floor and like them so much that we ordered them for the master bedroom as well. 

We bought some counter stools and chairs to go with our antique draw leaf table. It's thrilling to have somewhere besides the couch to sit down at meals after holding plates on our laps for a couple of years.

And last but definitely not  least is our drawer pulls. We've had the round knobs on the cabinet doors for months but had been opening the drawers by getting both hands on the sides of the drawer and pulling. It's sooo nice to be able to open a drawer with only one hand!



Joan Price said...

Your place looks fantastic! I love solar shades. I bought Bali solar shades last year, and I have saved money on my energy consumption. It's great.

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