Saturday, September 12, 2009

There Be Color on the Walls!

As the title says, we have done some painting, this time the fun part (not just white primer). I should say, "Cliff has done some painting", because he's the one who has done all the painting. I play the roles of: 1.Choosing the colors (so if you don't like them you can blame me) and 2. Providing food and drink at the proper times throughout the day.

The master bedroom color is blue and is called Sea Dreams.

The master bathroom is green and is called Beach Bum. I really didn't set out to choose colors with names pertaining to the ocean, it just happened that way!

This trip wasn't all work for Cliff though. He took some time in the mornings and evenings to go hunting and was successful one morning at 6:22. We know the exact time because one of our neighbor's looked at his clock when he heard the rifle shot.

For those of you who don't care to see a dead deer close your eyes. I don't like to see the dead animal either, but I certainly like how the poor critter tastes cooked up for my dinner!

One of the reasons we love the coast is the constantly changing color and condition of the ocean. During our last trip we had one of the most beautiful days we've ever seen up there. It was very odd weather, really warm which is unusual and overcast which is not so unusual! Here is one of the pictures I took that day. Cliff teases me about taking so many pictures, but see for yourself why I'm obsessed!
Our next trip up will be spent painting the outside of the house. Cliff really wants that done before the rain starts. Our propane tank is also going to be installed while we're there. Stay tuned!