Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Let The Movies Begin!

On our last trip to the coast we installed the audio/visual equipment and were able to watch our first movie on the large screen! It was very exciting for us after watching movies on a 13" TV for the last several years. (We sat close to it so it seemed bigger...not really!) Cliff also mounted the flat screen TV in the kitchen that we will watch news on while cooking, eating, etc., once we have cable or satellite TV.
We brought up a table for our dining area too. It's an antique table that we've had for many years. The top needed to be refinished so Cliff did that while we were there. Then he hung the pendant lights in the dining area. They were one of the first things we bought and one of the last installed. It was great to see them, I had forgotten how much I liked them.
We had a bit if excitement one evening as we returned from a walk when Billy raced up the stairs to the deck barking furiously. A raccoon was at the top of one of the posts (that holds up the roof). We got Billy into the house and the raccoon came down but went the wrong way (or so I thought) around to the west side of the house where there was no exit. He wasn't worried though and simply climbed down off of the deck and down a post to the ground.
So here are some pictures...
This is the audio/visual equipment niche. It's much neater now, this was taken during installation.
 Here's the 100" screen as we started our first movie 'Master and Commander, The Far Side Of The World'. We thought is was appropriate since it's setting is the ocean! You can see that it was still light outside but it was overcast and getting dark. We won't be able to use the screen during the day because the picture will be washed out by light and that's why we put in the TV in the next picture.

These are the pendant lights in our dining area.
 This is our cute little antique drawleaf table. (Chairs coming soon).
 Another absolutely beautiful day at the ocean :)
This little critter was a nocturnal visitor on a couple of nights. Billy would be barking furiously after we went to bed and on the second night I snapped this picture of him looking into our living room window. I wonder if it's the same raccoon that was up that pole on the deck...