Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Painted Cabinets

As we left for the coast last weekend we were excited to see the cabinets all painted white and the anticipation grew as we got closer and closer! When I first walked into the house and saw all the white I was stunned at how white it all looked! The cabinet doors and shelves were spread around the living room where my brother (our painter) had left them at our request so Cliff could install them himself (saving a little money). It took a day or so to get used to seeing them white after more than a year of seeing them as unfinished wood. I had the same reaction at the change after the walls and ceiling were painted.
The cabinets look beautiful and now we are so excited to get the backsplash up because the contrast is going to be amazing. Here are a few pictures....

This is the cabinet where the microwave drawer will go and also the area for cookie sheets, etc. before the door was put on.

This is the corner cupboard with lazy susan inside and deep drawers for pots and pans. The range will be to the left.

Here is the pantry without doors, and yes, those are pull out drawers!

And here it is with the doors on and adjusted.

And last but certainly not least (how could it be least when it's so long?!) is our window seat and bookcase.

Cliff spent some time installing cabinets in the garage over the weekend as too. These were salvaged from a lab that was being demolished on one of his jobs. I ask you, could they be a more perfect color for a house on the coast?

Along with the excitement of making progress in the construction we were blessed with a magnificent day on Friday. It was warm and sunny all day! Fall has always been the best season at the coast and last weekend didn't disappoint. There wasn't a breath of wind coming from the north to cool the day down and that is very unusual. While Cliff was working hard installing the garage cabinets I was lounging on the deck enjoying the sunshine and a good book. There was one tense moment when a spider threatened me but other than that it was great!
Until next time then........