Monday, September 12, 2011

Window Seats, Walls and Grandkids

Hi to All,
We have some exciting things to show you, at least from our standpoint! We have paint on the walls and ceiling. We have an awesome and exceptionally long window seat. And most important of all we have a new granddaughter.
We have been to the state of Washington and back and also to the coast and back just in the month of September. With the month not even half over we're tired already!
So here are the pictures starting with the coast and finishing up with the grandkids.

This is our awesome window seat and bookcase. It was built by Jim Millen of Millen's Woodworking in Castro Valley. It will be painted white along with all the cabinets.
This picture is just to show our ceiling color. It's called Light Khaki and I love it. It will really pop with the white crown molding up.
Cliff and I were so happy to be able to put up our hallway lights. It's been very dim going down the hall or trying to see into our makeshift pantry at night. We love the lights but realized that we need clear bulbs so the seeded glass shades are properly seen.
This is the bathroom on the main floor. I wanted a blue bathroom and here it is. Cliff is installing the medicine cabinets which I love! I was so thrilled to see them in place!
And here's another picture of the ocean but I couldn't resist because of the pattern that the foam was formed into overnight. I think you'll agree that it's amazing what God has created and sustains for our enjoyment.
And now on to the grandkids! First up is our new granddaughter Elise Jean Trzeciak. She's a tiny thing only weighing 6 lb. 5 oz. at birth but she has gained that back and more. I was calling her the teacup baby but I think she's already outgrown that designation.
Next up is Elise's big brother Daniel. He's only 6 weeks shy of turning two and is a darling boy. His favorite book right now is 'Go Dog, Go" and I can't tell you how many times it was read by myself or someone else in the five days we were there!
Here is William, our flirt. He has the longest eyelashes I've ever seen and looks at you with a sideways glance that is totally disarming, even when he's doing something naughty!
The three oldest grandkids, Jake, Warren and Johnny are playing flag football this fall. We were in Wa. for their first game and what a fun thing to watch it was. Jake and Warren are on one team and Johnny is on the other. They play each other every week since the league is small.
And last but not least, what can be more fun for a kid than to get up on the roof? Cliff and Ryan were fixing a leak at Ryan and Jen's chimney so of course Grandpa got the five oldest (Aubrey and Jeanine are both three) to climb up on the roof. This brought back memories of Jen and Jes up on our roof when they were five and two. I have pictures of that too! From left to right they are Warren, Johnny, Jake, Jeanine and Aubrey. For those of you who don't know if they belong to Jen or Jes, it goes like this: 1st, 3rd and 5th are Jen's and 2nd and 4th are Jes'.
Well, that's all for now. Our next post should be soon with pictures of white cabinets! Yes, they are going to be painted this week or next by my brother, Doug Hansen Painting, who also painted our walls. He's excellent at what he does and we're looking so forward to the finished product.