Monday, June 14, 2010

May Update in June

Greetings to all. This blog entry is especially for Avik who requested some new pictures. Not that he doesn't think our grandkids aren't adorable but this is a blog about building a house!

Cliff has continued working on the trim in the downstairs master bedroom and bathroom. It's all on now and just needs to be painted. We're so close to having that part of the house done-woohoo!

Here's the bathroom with window and door trim and crown molding. We also brought in one of the vanities and sink just to see how it looked.

These next three are in the bedroom showing the trim. The color on the walls in the first photo isn't accurate, but the last photo shows it well. For some reason my camera doesn't like the light in that room and frequently gets the color wrong.

That's all for now. We know that progress is slow, be patient with us, it will get done one of these days!