Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Blessings from the Lord

We've been to Washington and back to see the new baby and the other six grandkids as well. (Yes, our daughters and sons-in-law too!) We had a wonderful and tiring time! William, the newest, is a good baby who lets his mom sleep 4-5 hours during the night. He doesn't cry much and stares at his mom for long stretches. His brother and sister are getting used to him.

We tried to get a picture of Cliff and I with all seven kids but Aubrey wasn't cooperating so she's being held on the arm of the couch by Ryan. At least they're all in the picture!

"Children's children are a crown to the aged" Proverbs 17:6
And here is Will, as cute as can be!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Baby News

Our 7th grandchild has arrived! It's a boy and his name is William Hudson Stegman. He was born at 1:30 am Monday, April 12th. He weighed 8 lbs. 9 oz. I don't have a picture yet but will be sure to post one soon.

Cliff has finished the grout in the master bedroom, bathroom and closet. It was a big, time consuming job at 700+ square feet and that doesn't include the concrete stem walls that we put travertine on and needed grout as well. But it's done and Cliff has already moved on to door trim and baseboards. I didn't get any pics of the trim, but here are a few of the grout work.

We're very pleased with the floor now that it's done but still not sure what pattern we will put upstairs in the rest of the house. This pattern was very time consuming and brain boggling! Luckily we don't have to choose just yet.

Until next time!