Friday, January 29, 2010

Driveway Paving and More

Well, here it is, our update for December. We got quite a lot done in the first two weeks. And since what was accomplished were finishes it was very satisfying.
The first thing is the driveway paving. Up to that point we had a dirt and gravel driveway so we were always tracking dirt, pebbles or mud into the trailer and the house. It's great to have the asphalt paving done. No more tracking in messes from the driveway.

Cliff started laying the travertine tiles downstairs in the master bedroom, bathroom and closet. They look great but it's been quite a challenge because of the pattern we chose. It was really confusing transferring what was on our diagram on paper to putting the tiles on the floor. That made the job take longer than if we had chosen square tiles. As of now all the whole tiles are down and Cliff is in the process of cutting the rest. Note: the difference in color in the next two photos is due to the lighting-the tile is all the same.
This is our diagram for laying the tiles down. It started out as just the single pattern in the middle but after our brains started to hurt I decided to trace it six times and tape those around the middle. It made the process much easier!
Here are Pete and Iain Murray relaxing in the house. They are on a cot that has a cozy down comforter on top of it. As comfy as a couch or bed at home but with a much better view (not that the cats care).
That's all for now folks.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Catching Up

Finally, an update from the coast! It's been 3 months since the last post so for this one I'll show you what happened in Nov. and hopefully do a Dec. update in a day or two. So here goes...

We had our granite installed in our shower. That was quite a job and required 4 men to lift and put into place the largest slab. Boris (our "granite guy extrordinaire") said that it weighed about 500 lbs. The other 2 slabs were half the size, so you do the math. We're really pleased with how it turned out but how can you go wrong with green granite!

Cliff installed brick shaped travertine tiles above the granite to the ceiling and also on the stem walls (foundation) that are in the bathroom. The stem walls are concrete and not too pretty so we had to cover them with something. They look gorgeous covered with these tiles!

We put the bathtub in place but haven't done any finishes in this bathroom because we're focusing on the master bathroom first.

These lights are outside of our master bedroom which looks out to the ocean. Very nautical and we love the look.
And last but certainly not least here is the newest addition to our family, Daniel Ryan Trzeciak. He was born on Oct. 27, 2009. This picture was taken at Christmas when we were up in Wa. visiting our kids and grandkids. Daniel is a really good baby, very laid back. He gave us all a scare when he had to have hernia surgery at 3 weeks old, but he came through it fine.
I hope to post again in a day or two with the Dec. goings on so check back soon!