Monday, September 27, 2010

Another Vacation at the Coast

This post is a little late. We were at the coast with Jessica, Isaac and their three kids a couple of weeks ago. Cliff and I needed some time to recuperate from vacationing (that's not a word, is it?) But here are some photos of Jessica's family. Of course the kids are adorable and I freely admit that I'm biased!

Here is our day at the beach. The fog had rolled in but it was amazingly warm - downright balmy for the north coast.

Jess, Isaac, Johnny and Jeanine walking on the beach.

Cliff hanging back with Will.

Johnny and Jeanine in a fort made from driftwood.

We bought a box of 100 Tootsie Pops before the kids came down from Washington. Everyone was in Tootsie Pop heaven! The view isn't bad either.

Isaac and Jeanine.

Cliff and Johnny.

There was no grass or weeds to mow down so Cliff just gave the kids a ride on the lawnmower. They didn't mind that they weren't mowing at all. The ride was enough!

Our next trip to the coast will be another working trip. We're going to be focusing on the few items we need to finish in order to get our final inspection. It won't be exciting, it's stuff like putting face plates on receptacles and switches and getting a fire rated garage door on. But it's going to be a wonderful day when we get the final!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Vacation at the Coast

Last week Jen, Ryan and the kids drove down from Washington for a vacation so we all packed up and drove some more to the coast. They had never seen the house other than the pictures on the blog so it was a fun time. The kids had a blast mowing the bluff with Cliff and we all had a great time at Navarro Beach one day. Cliff didn't do any work, a true vacation!

Here is Warren mowing

Here is Jake steering the mower by himself!

This is Daniel at 10 mo. old with Billy in the background

This is Aubrey on the beach, she's 2.

Warren and Jake at the beach. While we were there Jen was holding Billy's leash and she took off running with him. I turned to Ryan and asked him where she gets all the energy. He said that he didn't know and then Jake replied, "I've never seen her like this"

Cliff telling the kids stories, the more suspenseful the better!

Jess and Isaac will be driving down next week so I'll have pictures of their kids next. I guess it's normal that once you have grandkids you stop taking pictures of your own kids. I don't think we got a single picture of Jen or Ryan!