Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hooray, I'm back up and running! A few of you know that I got a new computer, an Apple MacBook and have been learning how to use it. I attempted to blog twice last week but couldn't figure out how to upload pictures but today I triumphed over my new computer. Actually it was so simple I'm a bit embarrassed : ) So, here's the scoop on what's going on at the coast.

January was rather uneventful except for getting our master bathroom shower up and running. What a blessing it is to take a shower in a real adult size shower, no more trailer showers. You can see that I'm quite pleased.

February was cabinet month. We moved the cabinets from our garage at home to the coast in a rented U-Haul truck with the help of a couple of young strapping men from our church. Shaun drove the U-Haul for us and John followed the next day to help unload and drive himself and Shaun home. We also had help from a few neighbors at the coast. We were quite nervous about getting the cabinets up there and unloaded without any damage to them, but we did and they're in perfect condition and waiting to be painted. Cliff installed them with a little help from the neighbors and Jim Millen who made the cabinets. (We highly recommend his work!)

Cliff put on the crown molding with only a couple of false starts--it was the first time he's tried crown. Several years ago a salesman at a lumber store told us that in order to make the cuts correctly you have to think upside down and backwards !?!? Like I said, there were a couple of false starts but once Cliff figured it out he was off and running. It looks great (that's not just from the perspective of a proud wife!)

The island was installed last because Cliff had cut/drill holes in the bottom of it for the plumbing pipes and electrical wires. The holes had to be in exactly the right spots so he measured and remeasured and then cut. He then called on our neighbors again for help. We're so thankful for Sig, Jeff and Pat being willing to come on a moments notice! So with the island lifted on one side with a floor jack and on the other side with a couple of 4"x 6"s, they moved it slowly into place and lowered it onto the perfectly drilled holes. Who says we don't like excitement or taking chances?

In March Cliff continued working on the flooring in the master bedroom. It's all down and just needs to be grouted. He also continued the travertine outside the french doors onto the patio. I love how it looks when the same flooring is carried through to the outside.

March 19th was an absolutely gorgeous day at the coast. It was warm and the whales were hanging out all day. The first thing I saw upon walking out of the bedroom was a whale blow and it continued all day. We went to Elk Beach and had it almost to ourselves. It was so nice that I walked barefoot. Billy ran around and Cliff and I collected shells and rocks for the grandkids and small pieces of driftwood for Iain Murray (our cat) to play with. He loves to bat around small sticks or bark that he pulls off of the firewood.

Next trip we plan to grout the master bedroom flooring, base, case and install crown molding in the master bedroom. We don't know when the next trip will be because we're waiting for our 7th grandchild's birth (Jessica's third) and then we'll be off to Washington for a visit.
Here's hoping I can remember how to upload pictures next time!