Monday, December 8, 2008

We're Dried In

The long awaited day finally came, you know, that day when you pay your carpenters for the last time and they drive off site. They're great guys, nothing against them personally, but what a good feeling it is when they leave for the last time!

The exterior of the house is finished except to get paint on it, which will be done next spring. The weather up there is too unpredictable throughout the winter to try to paint. The deck structure is finished as well. We have plywood nailed down on parts now just so we can get out on it and enjoy it.

We had the garage doors installed the day before Thanksgiving. It actually looks like a home when you drive up to it now.

We also installed our wood burning stove, a Lopi Endeavor, so we could warm the place up a bit while we work inside this winter. It will be much more effective after we get insulation in the walls, but if you sit close it keeps you warm.

Cliff and I had a nice, quiet Thanksgiving up there. Our dinner was very nice and we had artwork from Jake and Warren to remind us of family. There was a Thanksgiving day disaster though. As I was taking the absolutely gorgeous, totally homemade pumpkin pie out of the extremely cheap trailer oven the rack came loose and my pie fell from the rack and landed on the open oven door spilling half of the delicious filling onto the floor and beyond. At the time I didn't think it was humorous so I didn't take a picture of the mess, but I did get one of what remained of the pie. It sort of looked like dog food, but it tasted just fine.
What's next? there won't be much to report on this month. In January we'll continue the installation of the pex tubing for the radiant heat and get the electrical work done. Maybe even get the insulation in...who knows.